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Peace Castle Audio is an austrian sound engineering company specialized on live event mixing, live recording, studio recording, post-production and mastering.

We offer full services throughout the entire studio

working process.

  - recording

  - post-production

  - mixing

  - mastering

  - DDP image creation



We are operating the Peace Castle Studio, which is located in Friedburg in Upper-Austria.


It was designed to offer a comfortable environment for the creation-process of music. The old wooden house surrounded by an extensive garden and a small river provides a setting that is truly inspiring.

A unique environment for creating, performing and recording your music.

Tisch drehen



Still missing the sparkling freshness, the magic stereo image and the compact, powerful sound?

Maybe it's time for some professional mastering!

But mastering is also a matter of taste and you don't want to pay for something you might are not 100 % happy with?

Therefore we've established our Free-Mastering-Service!

Send us your songs and we'll do a high quality mastering  for free!



Recorded your songs on your own but there is no one around to do the mixing job?

Want to get some professional feedback or even someone taking over to finish the mixing job?

Everything is possible!

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