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I had come up with the name just a week or so before that time I told her goodbye at the bus station, I wasn't sure about it, though. It seemed a little too "hipster" but it fitted nonetheless.
The songs were scattered all over my mind, some more complete than others, but all of them were already there in some form.
On this one weekend without her at easter 2011 everything took shape. On the train to Friedburg I finished "Unter der Mauer", a song I had started to write whilst on a picnic where we had celebrated the delayed arrival of her birthday present.
I finished "Colours" on the porch of next morning with my head filled with images of her floating barefoot across the lawn playing the violin, she seldom wore dresses but in my slightly romanticised memory she had a white dress on.
Only "All I need to know" had been recorded a few weeks before on a laptop in my bedroom. I felt it should remain raw so I put it on the album with out any changes.
Recording those songs was exhausting but I couldn't think of any better way of getting through these days. So
instead of pushing the memories aside I embraced them for I felt that was the only way I could make them justice.

"Friedburg" is German for "Peace Castle",
a name which origins I don't know, but to me it feels strangely fitting; the perfect sanctuary. But it is the people who make the place. Getting up at 8 a.m. with me to work on the songs, Felix and Chili, would give me more than I could ever ask for.
I even got to squeeze in between family members at the traditional Easter Sunday brunch. At the sanctuary Friedburg provided me I felt complete calmness, something which I hadn't felt in a long time, I was no longer on edge, instead of breaking down I opened up and let it all out. In the remaining emptiness my feelings and thoughts were allowed the space they needed to take form.
What remains is this album.

What Remains (2011)


1. Can't Sleep by Myself

2. Colors

3. What Remains

4. Things Unsaid

5. All I Need to Know

6. The Dream

7. Avenue of Lovers

8. Unter der Mauer

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